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Interactive mapping technologies can be a fun, free resource to support essential information literacy skills, visual and media literacy skills, literary analysis, composition, and digital story-telling. The mapping technologies also support other disciplines which require narrative and analytical writing. Interactive mapping is suitable for middle school through college level, and with scaffolding, upper elementary grades. Using the mapping technologies, students can create attractive, interactive presentations that analyze primary source materials including alphabetic texts, images and video, and incorporate secondary source materials. They learn to use catalogs, databases and the web to locate relevant materials. They evaluate their sources for relevance and authority, and they extract relevant information to support their ideas or arguments. Students also find or create images and media to support their ideas and arguments, and create HTML documents. Ms. Shier will show several examples.

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Sep 23rd, 10:45 AM Sep 23rd, 11:15 AM

Interactive Mapping Technologies, Information Literacy, and the Literature/Composition Course

Room 217

See presentation description.