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The Professional Epistemology of Library Instruction


Room 211

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Higher Education


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This paper explores the pedagogy of information literacy--in particular, the difficulties librarians face in teaching situations on account of their presumed lack of disciplinary expertise. This lack tends to leave library instruction stuck in the shallows of the mechanics of search and retrieval, on the periphery of intellectual discovery. But let’s look critically at the link between pedagogy and expertise. Let’s think about what forms of pedagogy might emerge if we no longer assume that we have to teach only what, as professionals, we are allowed to know--if we no longer practice teaching as the transfer of knowledge or information, but treat it instead as an occasion for shared acts of discovery.


Information literacy, Library instruction, Philosophy of teaching

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Sep 25th, 3:00 PM Sep 25th, 4:00 PM

The Professional Epistemology of Library Instruction

Room 211

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