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When students are given the opportunity to work as scientists in the laboratory, they automatically become more engaged in learning about science. Critical thinking and information literacy are essential for being a successful scientist. How can one accomplish teaching students to be scientists with these key qualities in an introductory biology curriculum? Effective partnerships make this possible. A collaboration between the Oxford College library and the biology department began several years ago blending the teaching of research methods to facilitate experiential learning for students in the introductory biology curriculum. We recently published a report of our collaboration in the March/April 2008 issue of the Journal of College Science Teaching showing evidence that a layered approach enables students to build on experiences during a semester, internalize research skills, and thereby transfer their knowledge into a sequential course requiring the application of the same skills.


Information literacy, Library instruction, Faculty-librarian collaboration, Embedded librarians, Critical thinking

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A Faculty-Librarian Partnership for Investigative Learning in the Introductory Biology Laboratory

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