Room 1002

Type of Presentation

Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

Target Audience

Higher Education


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Presentation Description

The presentation will discuss how to design a topic-specific library workshop to increase teaching faculty awareness of the library resources so as to ultimately impact students’ use of an academic library. The experience of library and faculty collaboration via developing library workshops to promote key information literacy concepts will be shared. Practical tips on how to design, market, and evaluate a library instructional workshop for faculty will be offered. The teaching methodology and the evaluation findings will also be analyzed.


Library workshop, Library-faculty collaboration, Library orientation, Information literacy

Publication Type and Release Option

Presentation (Open Access)


Sep 25th, 10:00 AM Sep 25th, 11:15 AM

Why Digital Does Not Equal Daunting: The Role of Information Management Tools in Supporting Faculty Research through Topic-Specific Library Workshops

Room 1002

See presentation description.