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The recent popularity of web logs of various varieties has given rise to the question of whether or not the information posted on them should be utilized in academic settings as models for student writing and as sources of information for research papers and projects. The answers to that question vary according to several factors. One of the key determining factors is the attitude of the teacher regarding the value of personal style and personal opinion. Another factor to consider is the nature of the writing assignment. Some unique assignments in the areas of creative writing and literature-based research are ideal mediums for including various kinds of blog postings. Perhaps the final factor to consider in determining if blog postings should serve as writing models or sources of information for research is the judgment of the student preparing the writing or research assignment. Can the individual differentiate between genuine self expression and inflammatory rhetoric? Clearly, there is a trend toward utilizing blog postings as writing models and as sources of information. This is evidenced by the willingness of major textbooks companies to include in their handbooks information about citing such sources.


Information literacy, Blogs, Creative writing, Literature-based research, Writing models, Online resources

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Blog Postings: Reputable or Risky?

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