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With the assistance of an AT&T planning grant, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and East Central University partnered with five other Oklahoma academic libraries to collaboratively develop a framework for the creation of web-based information literacy modules. Web-based information literacy instruction, using a common platform, enables institutions with limited resources to develop and share modules. This program will be integrated throughout each university’s curriculum and will be used to facilitate student learning and promote student’s ability to be successful in college in Oklahoma. The planning grant consisted of three parts: determining the information literacy skills of the students, identifying and prioritizing the skills deficiencies, and developing the framework to address those deficiencies. The collaboration team administered the Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS) test to provide a benchmark of information literacy skills and to identify problem areas. The problem areas were identified and prioritized for each university. In the final step of the project, the consortium developed a standard format for the instruction models, including the instructional format as well as the technical format. In addition, the team developed a policy manual for the approval and revision process in attempt to sustain the project after funding. This presentation will document the three steps of the process and will include the framework for collaboratively moving instruction beyond the classroom and making it available to students “on-demand”. The design standards and policy manual will inform all interested parties on the guidelines for participation in the project.


Information literacy, Academic libraries, Web-based instruction

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Successfully Completing College: Developing Integrated Information Literacy Skills Planning Project

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