Room 217

Type of Presentation

Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

Target Audience

Higher Education


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Presentation Description

Presented by a Reference Librarian and a Director of Library Services, this presentation will address ways, both instructional and administrative, to reach students and faculty/staff when library staff is limited. Suggestions include collaborating with faculty for in-library workshops on topics of interest to students, seeking out industry-related databases in addition to traditional research databases, utilizing and introducing students to resources like Pachyderm, Zotero and Google documents, getting involved in other departments' strategic planning, and more.


Information literacy, Lifelong learning, Library-faculty collaboration, Research databases

Publication Type and Release Option

Presentation (Open Access)


Oct 4th, 9:45 AM Oct 4th, 10:45 AM

The Little Library Staff That Could

Room 217

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