Submissions from 2019

School Shootings, An Anatomy, Laura E. Agnich


Long Term Patterns of Habitat Use and Prey Use in a Dietary Specialist, R. A. Anderson and Lance D. McBrayer

Effect of Deoxidation and Pouring Practice on the Mechanical Properties of Stage-I Tempered Cr-Ni-Mo Steel, Viraj Athavale, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken

Mechanical Properties and Impact Wear Resistance of 540 Brinell Hardness Mn-Si-Mo-V Steel, Viraj Athavale, Thomas Yaniak, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken


Instructional Alignment: Student, Teacher or Practitioner’s Perspective?, Mary Estelle Bester

Virtual Patient Learning (VPL): Does It Improve Student Perceived Outcomes?, Mary Estelle Bester


Examining The On And Offline Correlates Of Willingness To Commit Politically Motivated Cyberattacks, Adam Bossler

The Influence of Chatbot Humor on Customer Evaluations of Services, Isabella Bunosso, Hyunju Shin, and Lindsay Larson

Filtration Efficiency of Inclusions in Lightweight FeMnAl Steels, Soumava Chakraborty, Laura N. Bartlett, Ronald J. O'Malley, Mingzhi Xu, and Koushik Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

3D Printing of Matching Layer Used in Inspection of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), Logan Cowan, Maggie Baechle, and Hossein Taheri

Danger Aware Vehicular Networking, T. Dessalgn and Seungmo Kim

The Picture of Luxury: Millennial's Relationship with Luxury Brands, Jacqueline K. Eastman, Hyunju Shin, and Kristen Ruhland


Student Victimization Risk at Urban and Rural Institutions, Jonathan A. Grubb, Grayson Noggle, and Laura E. Agnich

Personality Predictors of the Decision to Actually Get Tested for HIV, Nicholas S. Holtzman, J. Steirn, and S. Smallwood

Public and Private Views: Men's Conformity to Traditional Masculine Norms, C. E. Johnson and Nicholas S. Holtzman


A Machine Learning Model and Training Dataset for Detecting Lionfish, Jason W. Kollars

The Influence of Luxury Brands' Firm Engagement on Customer Engagement on Social Media: Structured Abstract, Xia Liu, Hyunju Shin, and Alvins Burns


Defining Acceleration Performance During Burst Locomotion in Running Animals, Eric J. McElroy and Lance D. McBrayer


Variation in Metabolic Rate and Immune Response of Lizards From Long-Leaf and Scrub Habitats, J. Mukhalian and Lance D. McBrayer

Adverse Impacts of 5G Downlinks on Human Body, I. Nassim and Seungmo Kim

Looking for a New Research Partner? Find Your Perfect "Researcher Match", Janna M. Parker and Hyunju Shin

Structure of Spheroidal Graphite Nuclei and Spheroidizing Mechanism of Graphite in Mg-Treated Ductile Iron, Jingjing Qing and Mingzhi Xu

ASEAN’s Ocean Governance in Asia, Nalanda Roy


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Security and Economic Consequences, Nalanda Roy

Doing Social Research - A Global Context, Nalanda Roy

The Lifestyle of Bengali Diaspora in the United States, Nalanda Roy


Understanding the Security and Economic Implications of the CPEC Project, Nalanda Roy

Customer Reactions to Voluntary Use of Automated Service Interactions: Structured Abstract, Hyunju Shin and Bo Dai

Evolution of Phases in a Graphitic White Iron, Jie Wan, Jingjing Qing, Mingzhi Xu, and Perrin Habecker

Submissions from 2018

How are Law Enforcement and Victims’ Services Related to the Prevalence of Internal Trafficking across Nations?, Adom Abatkun and Laura E. Agnich

Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke, E. Abioro, A. Hanna, L. Gladkova, and Sara S. Plaspohl


Three-Dimensional Study of Inclusion Morphology and Size Distribution In Mn-Si Killed Steel, Obinna M. Adaba, Ronald J. O'Malley, Mingzhi Xu, Laura N. Bartlett, and Simon N. Lekakh

Critic, Authors Meet Critics: Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology (2nd ed.), Laura E. Agnich

#MeToo: Implications of a National Movement, Laura E. Agnich

Roundtable: Strategies for Success: Navigating the Criminology Classroom/Department as a Young Woman, Laura E. Agnich

Student Activism and the Principles of Community, Laura E. Agnich

Identifying Factors Associated with Employee Turnover Intent in a Rural Hospital, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, Imaobong Ekpo, Bettye A. Apenteng, and Samuel T. Opoku

Trends in Emergency Department Utilization in Georgia, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, Imaobong Ekpo, Samuel T. Opoku, and Bettye A. Apenteng


Association Between Local Health Departments’ Engagement in PAHB Accreditation and Their Financial Resiliency, Ghadeer M. Albashir, Gulzar H. Shah, Jeffery A. Jones, and William A. Mase


An Open Discussion of Ethical Issues Using the AEA’s Ethical Framework for Evaluators, Moya L. Alfonso


Formative Evaluation and Community Health Assessments: A Skill Building Workshop, Moya L. Alfonso


Media Advocacy as a Service Learning Assignment: Assisting a Rural Domestic Violence Shelter, Moya L. Alfonso, Sean Bear, and Kathy Jenkins


A Community Health Assessment of African American Health in a Former Slave Community: Findings from Rural Georgia, Moya L. Alfonso, Glenn M. Jackson, Abraham Johnson, and Maria I. Olivas


Engaging Rural and Urban Communities to Address Health Disparities, Moya L. Alfonso, Glenn M. Jackson, Abraham Johnson, and Maria I. Olivas


Using University-Community Partnerships to Stimulate Critical Thinking, Moya L. Alfonso and Abraham Johnson

Fantasme olympique et camps de concentration dans W ou le souvenir d’enfance de Georges Perec, Olga Amarie

Le “calvaire” de la passion chez Octave Mirbeau, Olga Amarie

Painting a Clear Picture: Using Data for Evidence-Based Decision-Making, Bettye A. Apenteng


Positioning Rural Hospitals for Sustainability and Where and How Telehealth Works, Bettye A. Apenteng, Angela Peden, Raymona H. Lawrence, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, James H. Stephens, and Sherrie Williams

Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) in a Salt Marsh Dominated Estuary on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, T. C. Avery and Jacque L. Kelly


Temporal Changes in Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Georgia Salt Marsh, T. C. Avery and Jacque L. Kelly

Piloting STAIR Delivered via Telehealth for Rural Women Veterans Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault: Implications for Reducing Health Disparities, K. J. Azevedo-Mendoza, Brandon J. Weiss, K. Webb, J. Gimeno, and M. Cloitre

‘Stupidly good’: A Classical Context for Milton’s Satan, Christopher P. Baker

Microwave and Neat Synthesis of 7-Oxanorbornene Derivatives for Organic Chemistry Teaching Lab: A Comparison Study, J. Bazemore, M. Kelly, L. Phan, B. Quillian, and Sarah K. Zingales

Evidence-Based Behavioral and Social Factors of Colorectal Cancer Screening in African American Men, Ages 50 and Older, L. Beal and Sara S. Plaspohl


It’s Not Propaganda, Filth, or Cr*p if es Verdadero y Valioso: Trumping Pancho Rabbit’s Haters, Scott A. Beck and Alma D. Stevenson

Evidence-Based Practice: From Classroom to Bedside, Mary Estelle Bester


Examining the Impact of Deterrence on the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler


Examining the Impact of Deterrence Perceptions on the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler


Deterrence, Anonymity, and Techniques of Neutralization: Examining the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler and Theron Webber

Integrating Advance Care Planning Training into NP Curricula, Kelly A. Bouthillet

Integrating Advance Care Planning Training into NP Curricula, Kelly A. Bouthillet


PRECEED-PROCEED Model for HIV Reduction in High School Students in the Hopi Tribe, Emily Bressler and Nandi A. Marshall


Promises of The American Dream and the Realities of Race: Black College Students Views of Social Mobility in the Age of Trump, Ted Brimeyer, Baker Rogers, and Clare F. Walsh


Biomonitoring of Ogeechee River Invertebrate Assemblages: Patterns of Community Structure, Julien M. Buchbinder, J. Checo Colón-Gaud, and Stephen P. Vives

Relationship Between Groundwater and Vegetation of a Dieback Marsh on St. Simons Island, Georgia, M. C. Carter, Jacque L. Kelly, and C. M. Hladik


Relationship Between Groundwater and Vegetation of a Dieback Marsh on St. Simons Island, Georgia, M. L. Carter, Jacque L. Kelly, and C. M. Hladik


Fall Prevention in the Elderly, Ernest Chisholm, Tahpenes Bradley, and Nandi A. Marshall

Community-Based Services: The Gateway to Coordinated Care for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CHSCN), M. Chong, J. Peden, Gavin T. Colquitt, Ashley Walker, and Morgan Emter


The Legitimization of the National Front and the Struggle for a European France, Alison Clifton and Jamie E. Scalera


The Role of Local Adaptation on Biting Performance in Trinidadian Guppies, Hannah E. Cohen and Emily A. Kane

Supporting Families Through Community Partnerships, Gavin Colquitt

Blazing a Trail for New Journeys through Adaptive Sport, Gavin Colquitt, C. Frisina, and J. E. Miros

Leveraging Assets to Enhance Community-Based Programming for Youth with Disabilities, Gavin T. Colquitt

Living Well Together: A Consumer Oriented Approach, Gavin T. Colquitt

A Deeper Dive into Adaptive Sports and Recreation for People with Cerebral Palsy, Gavin T. Colquitt and P. Carey

Interventions Aimed at Increasing Vegetable Consumption for Adults and Adolescents: An Evidence-Based Review, C. Cook, J. Crumley, and Sara S. Plaspohl

Investigation of the Reproductive Traits in the Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) off the GA/SC Coast Using Microsatellite Analysis, K. S. Craven, C. Webb, A. K. Ragsdale, and Aaron W. Schrey

También la lluvia y Cumbite: activismo, actores y agua, William O. Deaver

Implementing a CURE Curriculum at Primarily Undergraduate Institution: Faculty Experiences and Instruction, Sue DeChenne-Peters, N. Scheuermann, J. Young, and Y. Yin


Program Planning and Evaluation of How Food Insecurities Affect Children During the Summer Months, Bresa Diase, Megan Hudson, and Nandi A. Marshall

Vulnerable Narcissism and First-Person Singular Pronoun Use, H. Dorough and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Preventive Measures Among Obese Children and Adolescents: Comparison of Interventions, T. Dorsey and Sara S. Plaspohl

Benefits of Resistance Training in Undergraduate Males, Tevin Duncan, Nandi A. Marshall, and Sara S. Plaspohl

Coding Meaningful Actions in Children's Digital Citizenship Web Games, Lisa Dusenberry

Contextualizing Research Through Serious Game Design, Lisa Dusenberry

Expanding Academic Job Options: Building a Bridge from Literature to Professional Writing and Communication, Lisa Dusenberry

A Comparative Analysis of Social Media Utilization and Engagement Among Public Health Districts, Imaobong Ekpo, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, Bettye A. Apenteng, and Samuel T. Opoku

The Use of Social Media for Emergency Response: How Do Georgia Public Health Districts Compare?, Imaobong Ekpo, Emmanuel A. Akowuah, Bettye A. Apenteng, and Samuel T. Opoku

The Strategic Virtues of Legal Uncertainty: Evidence from China, Justin W. Evans

Biocatalysis: Making Drugs from Bugs, Brent D. Feske, Jonathan Groover, Sarah Franz, and Richard Watkins

Driving Institutional Change in Undergraduate Research for Success and Sustainability: A Private Liberal College Model Adapted to a Regional State University and Beyond, Delana A. Gajdosik-Nivens and G. C. Shields


A Recommendation System for Choosing an IT-Related Major, Adrian Gardiner and John O'Malley


Examining Variation in Near Repeat Burglaries for Single and Serial Offenders, Jonathan A. Grubb, Chad Posick, and Cedric L. James


Barriers to Domestic Violence Service Provision: Recognizing the Influence of the Rural/Urban Divide, Jonathan A. Grubb and Ebony Robinson

Mediterranean Diet in the Prevention of Breast Cancer, A. Hanna and Sara S. Plaspohl

Epigenetic Potential in Native and Introduced Populations of House Sparrows, H. Hanson, H. J. Kilvitis, Aaron W. Schrey, and L. B. Martin

Epigenetic Potential in Native and Introduced Populations of House Sparrows (Passer domesticus), H. Hanson, H. J. Kilvitis, Aaron W. Schrey, and L. B. Martin

Mining the Savannah Burglary Hotspots and their Features, Ray R. Hashemi


Chronic Pain Management Program for Beaufort County Active Duty Military: An Application of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Program-Planning Model, Victoria Hearn and Nandi A. Marshall