Term of Award

Fall 2013

Degree Name

Master of Science in Applied Engineering (M.S.A.E.)

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Electrical Engineering

Committee Chair

Sungkyun Lim

Committee Member 1

Mohammad Ahad

Committee Member 2

Fernando Rios-Gutierrez


With technologies advancing towards a more miniaturized and compact state wireless communication systems must keep up with the trend. At the forefront of these systems is the antenna; a transducer which converts electrical currents to and from electromagnetic waves. The antenna is a critical component of most wireless communication systems and must be miniaturized and become multi-functional as well. This thesis explores the top-loading design technique to reduce the size of traditional antennas. First, the size-reduction of a broadband log-periodic array is explored. Then, the incorporation of reconfigurable radiation is implemented to increase the functionality of a circularly polarized parasitic array antenna. A dual-band antenna is advanced in performance using top-loading techniques to create a multi-band antenna. Finally, an omni-directional circularly polarized, electrically small antenna is designed.