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Summer 2012

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Doctor of Education in Education Administration (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

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Linda M. Arthur

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Constance Campbell

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Paul Brinson


Education reform has reached new levels of urgency and accountability over the last decade. The role a principal plays in leading the direction of a school is of vital importance. Leadership theories suggest that transformational leadership is the best way to achieve the goals of schools in the 21st century. Educational leadership programs try to emphasize transformational leadership skill, but these schools need to identify transformational leaders before they enter into school leadership. Dispositions are innate qualities and not necessarily a skill that can be taught by educational leadership programs.

The purpose of this study is to identify dispositions of transformational leaders in Georgia high schools. A total of eight interviews have been completed of transformational high school principals in the state of Georgia. This qualitative study highlights several dispositions that may be assessed prior to admittance into educational leadership programs.

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