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The researcher's purpose of this study was to understand perceptions of co-teaching by special education and general education teachers, and how those perceptions make the implementation of co-teaching for students with disabilities in the general education classroom successful. The study examined teacher perceptions on training for co-teaching, recommended practices for co-teaching, and supports needed for the co-teaching team. The researcher administered a Likert-scale survey, Perceptions of Co-Teaching Survey developed by Vance Austin (2001) to 45 special education and 98 general education teachers with co-teaching experience from three school districts in southeast Georgia. Teacher perceptions in three different areas were addressed: (1) Perceptions of current experience and recommended practices for co-teaching. (2) Preparations necessary for co-teaching and (3) School based supports that facilitate co-teaching. The researcher analyzed differences in the two groups of participants, special education teachers, and general education teachers. Outcomes presented were generally in agreement on the perceptions from the two groups. A Likert type survey was administered to 98 general education and 45 special education certified teachers with experience in co-teaching. The survey was administered in three southeast Georgia school districts. The survey showed the perceptions of both groups of teachers were in agreement for current practices, preparations necessary for co-teaching and school based supports that facilitate co-teaching. Co-teaching is a model for special education services that is used increasingly due to IDEA regulations of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). This method of service delivery involves the cooperation and trust of both general education and special education. The study provides information on what general education and special education teachers perceive as important to their co-teaching experience.

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