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Fall 2008

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Doctor of Education in Education Administration (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

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Charles Reavis

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Delores Liston

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Paul Brinson


In 2002, the Bush administration inaugurated its signature educational program, No Child Left Behind which included a provision to relax the restrictions of Title IX regarding single sex instruction. Opponents responded by contending there was a lack of credible research on single sex instruction and the proposed modifications were based strictly on the desire to make available to public education the same instructional flexibility exercised by private schools. Supporters of single sex instruction assert that separating the sexes, during middle grades will reduce classroom disruptions allowing increased time on task. Supporters also hold that instructors will employ instructional strategies that address differences in learning styles between males and females. These two factors would, according to supporters, result in improved student achievement and behavior. This study compared CRCT scores for two years of heterogeneous sixth grade classes in math, reading and language arts to two years of CRCT scores in the same content areas from single sex classes at two different middle schools. Further, in order to determine the influence of single sex classes on student behavior at the sixth grade level, the frequency of disciplinary referrals for two years of heterogeneous classes were 2 compared to the frequency levels of single sex sixth grade classes at the same two middle schools. The results of this study indicated there was no statistical difference in CRCT scores between heterogeneous sixth grade classes in math, reading and language arts and those of single sex sixth grade students in the same content domains. Additionally, the results of the study indicated no reduction in disciplinary referrals.

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