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Summer 2023

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Master of Science, Civil Engineering

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Civil Engineering and Construction

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Soonkie Nam

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Xiaoming Yang

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Matthew Ricks


The PDA Test has been used for mostly driven piles since the 1970s. The PDA test gets the capacity of the pile by measuring the displacement of the pile being driven into the ground by using sensors called accelerometers. For the case in Georgia, the pile is sitting on the rock and being struck by the hammer selected. This pile sits on a hole that is already pre-drilled into the ground. There are concerns when striking the pile on hard rock such as damaging the pile because of too much hammer energy or other safety concerns in the field that will limit the data presented. The goal of this research is to determine the reliability of the PDA test’s use on hard and weathered rock and to see if it is useful to the economical design of the piles seated on rock or weathered rock in the future.

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