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Spring 2021

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Carl Sorgen

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Antonio Gutierrez De Blume


As the United States becomes more diverse, more schools qualify for Title I funds, and teacher attrition is an ongoing issue, it is important to identify the teachers who may be most effective in increasing student achievement. The researcher interviewed ten veteran school leaders in Title I schools and asked questions related to their perceptions and experiences in working with effective teachers. The common behaviors and dispositions of effective teachers in Title I schools were identified and this information may positively impact teacher preparation programs, educator hiring practices, and professional learning.

This study’s findings indicated that school leaders in Title I schools believe that the common behaviors of effective teachers are: respecting and celebrating the diversity and cultures of their students; creating and implementing instructional activities that are authentic and differentiated; employing assessment practices that are fair and consistent; being responsive to students’ needs; treating all students fairly and providing clear, consistent expectations; building trust and positive relationships with students; and developing healthy and communicative partnerships with school stakeholders.

Additionally, this study’s findings promoted that school leaders perceive that the common dispositions of effective teachers in Title I schools are: caring for, valuing, and respecting all school stakeholders; showing compassion for students and their families; being committed to improving instruction; helping students to set goals and believe that they can achieve them; maintaining integrity, honesty, and displaying professionalism through their words and actions; and continually learning and improving in an effort to increase student success.

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