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Fall 2018

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Master of Science in Applied Engineering (M.S.A.E.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Mujibur Khan

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Dr.Aniruddha Mitra

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Dr.Marcel Ilie


Drug loaded polymer polycaprolactone, polyethylene glycol particles were synthesized using Emulsion-Solvent-Evaporation (ESE) process, and particle characteristics studied using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), EDS and drug release tests. Ternary phase diagrams were determined for oil-water emulsion (o-w) and water-oil emulsion (w-o) for the emulsion formation and destabilization. Hydrophilic drug 5-flourouracil (5-FU), cytarabine (CTB) and hydrophobic drug ibuprofen (IBP), paclitaxel (PXT) were investigated for drug encapsulation and release analysis for a period of 9-days at pH (=7,

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