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Spring 2015

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Art

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Marc Moulton

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Jessica Burke

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Elsie Hill


I create work that is an investigation of memory- individual memories from a single location over a span of time. Over time, these individual memories are layered on top of each other to become remembered as one. When the boundaries between the original and successive memories become unstable and unreliable false memories are produced.

My sculptures are non-literal representations of selected interior details from my memories of a place that I visited regularly throughout my life. This place that I am inspired by has undergone several different stages of repair, from when the house was first constructed up to the current day where the home is being remodeled.

My assemblages are playful, yet precarious sculptures that represent a hybrid of the physical space, perception, and memory. The color, scale, and materials of the pieces are a direct link to this hybridization. Color, scale, inspirational details, and material representation are exaggerated. The highly saturated colors, magnification of mundane details, and use of readily available products produce a specific emotional response and shift in perception. Although I am drawing from personal references, it is not intended for the viewer to experience my exact recollections.

There is a dual purpose for determining my materials for each assemblage. Each material is specifically chosen to communicate the inspirational reference to the viewer aesthetically and literally. Aesthetically, I am interested in the physical qualities of the material, i.e., texture, shape, and pliability. Literally, the materials chosen are often physically located in the inspirational reference. On occasion this literal reference is generalized so that the viewer can create a connection through familiarity with the material, such as the fact that cabinet liner is used in kitchens across the country. Artistic influences which have lead to conceptual and formal discoveries throughout this project include artists such as Andrea Lofke, Jim Hodges, Ina Babavia, and Jim Lambie.

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