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Spring 2010

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Master of Science in Kinesiology (M.S.)

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Department of Health and Kinesiology

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Jim McMillan

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Barry Joyner

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Stephen Rossi

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Kathy Thornton

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Osteoporosis is a health issue that is becoming more prominent in today's society. Bone mineral density (BMD) tests have the ability to: detect low bone density before a fracture occurs and predict the chances of future fractures occurring and determine an individual's rate of bone loss. Purpose: (1) Determine the relationship between BMD t-scores measured by the QUS and RA devices, compared to the DXA measurement, the gold standard. (2) Examine the agreement between osteoporosis classifications produced by the QUS and RA devices, compared to those produced by the DXA, the gold standard. Methods: 132 subjects reported to the Human Performance lab in Hanner Field house to complete a university approved informed consent, a short questionnaire and data collection. The subjects were volunteers from the Georgia Southern Community. All subjects were 18 years of age or older and were not pregnant. The Metriscan applied radiographic absorptiometry to estimate an individual's relative phalangeal bone density of the three middle fingers. The GE Lunar DEXA device provided a total body non-invasive and precise method of measuring BMD. The device used x-ray densitometry techniques to obtain these measurements. The Hologic Sahara UBA575 applied ultrasound to obtain BMD at the heel. Results: The only significant agreement between T-scores was seen with the DXA and RA (r=.624, p<.001). The only significant correlation between kappa classification agreement was found with the DXA and QUS (k=.214, p=.01). Conclusion: The QUS device has the ability to be used as a BMD pre screening tools at health fair.

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