Eschar-associated Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, Bahia, Brazil

Nanci Silva
Marina Eremeeva, Georgia Southern University
Tatiana Rozental
Guilherme S. Ribeiro
Christopher D. Paddock, CDC
Eduardo Antonio G. Ramos,
Alexsandra R.M. Favacho
Mitermayer G. Reis
Gregory A. Dasch,, CDC
Elba R.S. de Lemos
Albert I. Ko


In Brazil, Brazilian spotted fever was once considered the only tick-borne rickettsial disease. We report eschar-associated rickettsial disease that occurred after a tick bite. The etiologic agent is most related to Rickettsia parkeri, R. africae, and R. sibirica and probably widely distributed from São Paulo to Bahia in the Atlantic Forest.