Performance Impact Analysis of Solar Cell Retrofitted Electric Golf Cart

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IEEE Southeast Conference




The utilization of golf carts is gaining wide popularity especially in places like universities and large corporations. The conventional gasoline powered golf carts are inefficient and produce very harmful emissions to the environment. Electric golf carts, on the other hand, are quite efficient and environmentally friendly. However, they do not have a long driving range and the batteries need to be frequently recharged. This paper presents a thorough performance analysis of a typical electric golf cart retrofitted with a 100W solar panel. The electrical power requirements, energy savings, and the environmental pollution prevented were also investigated. In this analysis, the performance improvement in the driving range of the golf cart was tested using a series of experiments with and without the solar panel. These experimental results indicated that using a fleet of solar-powered electric golf carts will result in significant energy savings and reduce pollution taking the institution a step forward towards a greener environment.