High-Speed Permanent-Magnet Generator With Optimized Sizing Based on Particle Swarms for Smart Grids

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International Journal of Modern Engineering




High-speed, permanent-magnet (HSPM) types of microgenerators play an important role in power generation involving smart grid applications. In this study, the authors developed an optimized analytical design and compared it with an original machine design with a typical 500 kW tip-speed of 250 m/s. The two designs take into consideration multiple factors including classical sizing and problem formulation for optimizing efficiency with bounded constraints. A particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm was used to maximize efficiency as an objective or fitness function and to minimize machine size as a non-linear function with bounded parameter constraints. Particle swarm algorithms use population-based on flocks of birds or insects swarming. The parameter variables used for this type of optimization consist of rotor-length-to-diameter ratio, rotor radius, and stack length. Test results including simulations using PSO Tool in Matlab showed significant improvement in machine design and performance. Furthermore, it was observed that the proposed technique has the advantage of limiting losses at higher frequencies with low weight/volume applications, thereby improving overall efficiency. Other system parameters such as power factor were also improved. Finally, several analytical design problems with waveform variations, harmonics distortion, rotor losses, and effects of changing poles are provided to show the merit of the proposed optimization technique.