Incentive-Based Reading Compliance: Part II

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SoTL Commons Conference.


This session will describe the second part of a two-wave project to explore the effect of incentives on motivating students to complete readings in two sections of a first-year orientation course. In the first wave, students in both sections completed 20 reading assignments from a book and coursepack in preparation for daily class discussion. At the start of each class period, students were given a one-question recall quiz over the readings for that day. In one section, the quizzes were worth one point each; in the other, they were worth 10 points each. In the second wave, one section was given quizzes that were checked, but ungraded. The other section was given no quizzes. This session reports differences between all four sections in attendance, quiz performance, reading compliance, final course grades, and students' self-reported perceptions of the impact of the quizzes on their behavior.