Students' Perceptions of Adopting Minimal Transformative Wardrobes

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2017 ITAA Annual Conference Proceedings: Design Presentations




This exploratory research incorporates the publicly pressed ideas regarding minimal wardrobe adoption with academic research on transformative clothing to evaluate the understanding of sustainability in college students' current and future life. After their unknown exposure to the adoption of a minimal transformative wardrobe by their instructor, the students were surveyed regarding the perceptions of their instructor's appearance, transformative clothing, the role of gender in adoption, and reasons for consumer adoption. Qualitative analysis revealed the perceived benefits of the instructor's wardrobe adoption, including the themes of simplification, professional appearance, and saving time and money. Students expressed interest in owning transformative clothing and felt they could reduce clothing consumption. Gender differences were also identified when adopting a minimal wardrobe with more emphasizing males on environmental sustainability and females on increased work productivity. This study provides valuable insights on emerging professionals' perceptions on minimal transformative wardrobe adoption and directions for future research.


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