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Building Bridges Not Walls

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Presentation given at the Inaugural Diversity, Inclusion, & Fairness (D.I.F.) Conference. In the current social/political climate, where there seems to be a value on exclusion and the building of walls, this workshop hopes to generate thinking and conversation on ways that we can value our own diversity, the diversity of others, and building bridges that allow us to work together. Using a simple card game, participants will be placed at numbered tables in groups of 4-6. At each table there will be a deck of playing cards, a set of rules, paper, and pencil. Each group will be given 10 minutes to read and learn the rules and to practice a few hands before the rules are removed and the game continues in silent-mode. Once the game begins in silent-mode, a timer will be set for 7 minutes. At the end of the 7 minutes, while still remaining silent, each group will determine a winner and a loser. The winner of each table will move to the next highest numbered table and the loser will move to the next lower numbered table and the game will continue for several more 7-minute rounds. What participants quickly learn, but cannot verbalize is that the rules at each table are slightly different. For example, at some tables the Ace is the highest card and at others it is the lowest. After about 25 minutes of play, debriefing occurs. Participants are asked a series of open-ended questions about their experience with the game and its connection to ‘real-world’ situations.


Inaugural Diversity, Inclusion, & Fairness (D.I.F.) Conference


Statesboro, GA