International stories of student-staff collaboration and engagement: The role of ISSOTL Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in connecting like-minded scholars

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Presentation given at the annual ISSOTL Conference, Los Angeles, CA.


ISSOTL encompasses a diverse, international community of scholars dedicated to SoTL. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are smaller communities that share a passion and commitment for a specific sub-strand within SOTL. The aim of this 60-minute, interactive panel session is to explore the stories - drawing on reflective evidence - of three ISSOTL SIGs that are student facing in purpose: student engagement, students as co-inquirers, and undergraduate students in research. We will discuss how the SIGs acts as hubs for, and connectors of, SoTL scholars who are geographically distant yet similarly dedicated to advancing meaningful student learning as a central tenet of SOTL. Students and staff panelist from three countries will briefly outline the differences and similarities between the SIGs and reflect on experiences. The majority of the session will involve small group brainstorming and whole group discussions on the role of SIGs as essential connectors in the broader ISSOTL network.


ISSOTL Conference


Los Angeles, CA

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