Student Diversity and Academic Outcomes: An Interactive Learning Experience

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Presentation given at the Diversity, Inclusion & Fairness Conference, Georgia Southern University.

This workshop aims to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of student diversity as it relates to academic outcomes. This engaging session is targeted towards students, staff, faculty, and other persons working with students in higher education. Presenters will provide an interactive learning environment where attendees will artificially participate as members of various sub-populations in society to explore the ways in which individual pathways are impacted by sociocultural factors. By doing so, attendees will gain better insight on differing outcome effects affecting students with a range of background and status characteristics (learning outcome #1). Attendees will be prompted to consider the impacts of exposure to certain risk and protective factors as they relate to access to resources along the path to higher education. The workshop will highlight the intersection of multiple levels of social status, identity, as well as privilege, as it pertains to the college experience (learning outcome #2). With this expanded understanding of student diversity and awareness of varying sociocultural contexts, student participants will feel a sense of empowerment regarding their own academic success and professionals will leave better prepared to support students in their endeavors. Students and professionals alike will gain the knowledge necessary to contribute to an improved climate and culture here at Georgia Southern University (learning outcome #3).


Diversity, Inclusion & Fairness Conference, Georgia Southern University


Statesboro, GA