Incorporation of an Online Fashion News Publication into a Fashion Merchandising Course: Perceived Benefits and Educational Impact

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Presentation given at the International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference. The fast paced and global nature of the fashion industry presents a challenge in the classroom when it comes to continually keeping students up to date on the current events in the field. The implementation of required weekly fashion news readings into fashion merchandising curriculums presents a possible solution to this dilemma. A teaching strategy was developed to implement the reading of a prominent online fashion news publication as required class readings in a fashion merchandising class curriculum at a large Southeastern university. A survey concerning the required readings was administered at the end of the semester. Students responded positively to the implementation of teaching strategy reporting perceived benefits of the readings to be: up to date information, real world examples, and more relevant content than their traditional course materials. Students additionally indicated that the readings improved their fashion industry vocabulary and better prepared them for their future careers.


International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference


Cleveland, OH