The following citations represent the full-text presentations by the department’s faculty during their employment with Georgia Southern. For the full list of a faculty member’s publications and presentations, visit his or her SelectedWorks site.

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Submissions from 2018

Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom: What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa A. Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy Smallwood, and Clare F. Walsh

What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy Smallwood, and Dina C. Walker-DeVose

What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy W. Smallwood, and Dina Walker-DeVose Dr.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom: What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy W. Smallwood, and Clare F. Walsh

Diversity and Intersectionality, Nikki DiGregorio


Language Appropriation Practices of Gay Men After the Legalization of Same-sex Marriage, Nikki DiGregorio


Prompting Student Reflection in Diversity-Centered Courses, Nikki DiGregorio

Documentation of SoTL Trends: a Pilot Investigation in Family Science, Nikki DiGregorio and Trent Maurer


Teaching and Research Done in Service (TARDIS): Opportunities to Expand University and the Communities We Serve, Judy O. Grissett, Karen Wheel-Carter, Jeannette Diaz, Allison Foley, Jane Hercules, Natalie Stickney, Mariana Stoyanova, Lydia Watkins, and Jennifer Zorotovich

How to Incorporate Service-learning Into Gerontology Focused Higher Education Courses: Benefits for Students, Educators, Community Partners, Agencies, and Older Adults, R. Ryan, Jennifer Zorotovich, and Adrienne Cohen


Recreation, Leisure, and Late Adulthood: Examining the Benefits of Participation during Retirement, Thomas Sweeney and Jennifer Zorotovich


Engaging Student Voices Through Scholarly Teaching in Family Science, Charlene A. Van Leeuwen, Pamela Payne, Nikki DiGregorio, and Jennifer Greiving

Service-learning in Higher Education, Aging- Focused Courses: a Model for Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Research, Jennifer Zorotovich, R. Ryan, and Adrienne Cohen

Submissions from 2017


Service-Learning at Eagle Nation: Systematic Evaluation of Student Experiences, Adrienne L. Cohen, Moya L. Alfonso, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Jennifer Zorotovich, and Urkovia Andrews

Effective Pedagogy of Sexualization and Objectification, Nikki DiGregorio and Amanda J. Rich


Supporting Future Professionals: Students' Perceptions of the Value of Internships, Meghan K. Dove, Nikki DiGregorio, and Katy Gregg


Reflecting Upon Teaching Diversity Centered Courses: From Novice to Veteran, Delores D. Liston and Nikki DiGregorio


Targeting Ageism and Ableism: a Simulation on Loss and Decline, Jennifer Zorotovich and Nikki DiGregorio


Applying a Strengths-based Approach in Professional Practice, Jennifer Zorotovich and Nadia Flanigan


Effects of Pre‐existing Family Dynamics on Emerging Adults’ Emotions During Holiday Travel, Jennifer Zorotovich, Nadia Flanigan, and Patricia N.E. Roberson


Nonstudent Emerging Adults: a Phenomenological Approach, Jennifer Zorotovich and A. Hall

Submissions from 2015


Transformational Learning: the Connection Between Student Transitions and Growth, Nikki DiGregorio, Amanda J. Rich, Caitlin E. Bailey, and Kelley J. Perkins

Assessing and Facilitating Learning in the Family Science Classroom: An Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Nikki DiGregorio, Bahira Sherif Trask, and Barbara H. Settles

Submissions from 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Policies and Lesbian Family Life, Nikki DiGregorio


Navigating Professional Personalization Within Family Science, Nikki DiGregorio, Joshua Titus, and Barbara H. Settles

Globalization and Family Science: Assessing Students’ Aptitude for Social Change, Amanda J. Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, and Caitlin E. Bailey


Inclusive Same-sex Marriage Research: An Integrative Theoretical Model, Barbara H. Settles, Nikki DiGregorio, and Amanda J. Rich

Down Home: Understanding the Legacy of Property Rights, Spoiled Water Quality, Poverty, and Lax Regulation for Families in Appalachia, Barbara H. Settles, Nikki DiGregorio, and Joshua Titus

Submissions from 2007

Researching the Awards of LTG Robert F. Sink, USA, James D. Bigley

The Awards and Artifacts of LTG Robert F. Sink., James D. Bigley

Submissions from 2006

The Carentan Silver Star Award Ceremonies – Initial Findings, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 2004

Prise d’Armes Carentan, 20 Juin 1944, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 2001

Notions of Heritage and Cultural Tourism – Who Decides What Counts, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1998

Session on Interstate Highway Traveler Touring Behavior, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1993

Management Planning for Georgia State Parks, James D. Bigley

Museum Members and Their Museum Store Use Patterns, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1991

Assessing Museum Member Motivations, James D. Bigley