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  • President Grube achieves goals...
  • The Jane White Marketing Scholarships
  • A message from dean Shiffer
  • SAP Certification Planned for COBA Grad Studies
  • The Becker CPA Review
  • CIT Advisory Board Meets
  • Verdict: Taking a Real World Approach
  • New IS Minor
  • Farewell from the Director
  • WebMBA® Offers Opportunity
  • MBA in the Spotlight
  • MBA in the City
  • Alumni in the spotlight
  • The Center for Entrepreneurnial Leadership
  • SOA Professor Certified
  • WTOC Economic Crisis Forum
  • MAcc Tax Research in Tampa
  • COBA welcomes new faculty
  • 2008 facts & figures
  • Eagle Executive Society Charter Members
  • Alumniville

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Fall 2008

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Georgia Southern University, College of Business, Bruce Grube, Kiplinger’s Top 100, Jane White Marketing Scholarship, Ronald Shiffler, Lewis Stewart, Finance and Quantitative Analysis, Joe Ruhland, Hugh Vergara, Ashley Gaff, Robert Brantley, Corrinne Plumer, Sean Brooks Kennedy, Jordan Johnstun, Amy Turner, Barbara Price, Information Systems, Aaron Ward, Cheryl Aasheim, Paige Rutner, Manouchr Tabatabaei, Camille Rogers, Thomas Case, Robert Newman, Hsiang-Jui Kung, Ron MacKinnon, Management, Marketing and Logistics, Karl Manrodt, Joe Tillman, David Shepherd, Karl Manrodt, School of Accountancy, Tom Noland, Leslie Fletcher, School of Economic Development, Tony Barilla, Amanda King, Godfrey Gibbison, SAP certification, Graduate studies, Welcome Back Students Day, Freeman Business Scholars, Alyssa Orarec, Kurt Rigby, Rebecca Whatley, Ben Woods, Beta Sigma Gamma, Delta Sigma Pi, Celeste Thompson, Dixie Crystals Scholars, Katie Carter, Liza Pierce, Cam Randall, Robert T. Cox Scholarship, Jessica L. Murray, GATE Scholars, Sally Lanthier, Shelli Sirmans, Phylicia Brown, Angela Fish, Lana Yelina, Aaron Scale, Joshua Spain, Jason Dulin, Priddy-Price Scholars, Brett Layson, Ally Rokoczy, Robert Morris Scholars, Adam Huttner, Bryan James, WACO Fire and Casualty Insurance Scholars, Michael Strutchen, Olivia Batten, Tia McCarthy, Chelsea Culler, Emily Scott, Becker CPA Review, College of Information Technology Advisory Board, John Harlow, Dan Ricks, Danny Johnston, Chris Miller, Chuck Stallworth, Angela bland, Alyssa Belcher, Richard Aldredge, Jim Goodlett, Buddy Lichty, Mock trial, Gary Mikell, Information systems minor, Graduate studies, Mike McDonald, WebMBA, Tero Kyekling, MBA in the City, Tim Cairney, Jordan Dukes, Kim Brannen, Steve Benson, Brandon Gillis, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Luke Pittaway, Michael Morris, Thomas Buckhoff, WTOC Economic Crisis Forum, Mike Manhattan, Michael Reksulak, Ed Sibbald, Bill Wells, Dal Kennedy, Tax Research, Cheryl Metrejean, Matt Sellers, Sam Evans, Brian Prevatt, Jenna Lay, Julia Collins, Thomas Wells, Sahar Bahmani, Joon-Kun Cho, Janet Moss, William I. Norton Jr., Jordan Shropshire, Xinfang Wang, Yuan Wen, Michael Wiggins, 2008 Homecoming, Laura Decker Macrenaris, Kelly Kahley, Homecoming Professor for a Day, Lisa L. Conti-Bacon, Ron A. Lundstrom, John W. Lucht, Alex Knight, Greg L. Jenkins II, Kim Hammock, Mike McCarthy, Erica Cobb, School of Accountancy Executive in Residence, Jonathan Kraftchick, Dinner with the Dean, Lori Grice, Laura Bush


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