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  • Transforming Classrooms: COE's new DIGI lab
  • It Takes More Than a Village to Raise a Child: New National Youth-At-Risk Center helps a broad range of people serving youth
  • Building Bridges: COE Partners with the Community to Bring Books to Young Children
  • Leadership, Technology and Human Development
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum, Foundations and Reading
  • Grad Program Rankings
  • Thinking Globally
  • Focus on Excellence Awards
  • Award for Merit
  • Outstanding Advocate for First-Year Students
  • Betty-Ware Wray Award
  • Jack Miller Awards
  • Top Teacher: Alumna Named 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year
  • John Suddath Hall: Educational Legacy
  • Dr. Martha Cain: COE Alumna of the Year
  • A Special Need: Scholarship Supports Future Teachers
  • Shaping the Future: Alumna Provides Opportunity for Aspiring Students

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Fall 2013

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Georgia Southern University, COE, College of Education, Jemellah Coes, Georgia’s 2014 Teacher of the Year, Thomas Koballa, DIGI Lab, National Youth-at-Risk Center, Online animations, Early childhood education, Catilin Lawon, Integrating technology in the classroom, Classroom design, Net Generation students, Dan Rea, National Youth-at-Risk Conference, Ashleigh Wright, Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy, Michelle Reidel, Christine Draper, Nancy Arrington, Lina Soares, Shelley Woodward, Patricia Parsons, Center for Educational Leadership and Service, School psychology program, Kathryn Kennedy, Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling and Education Conference, Rural Based HIV Education and Training Conference, Department of Teaching and Learning, Leadership, Technology and Human Development, Clinical Camp, Curriculum, Foundations and Reading, Wendy Chambers, William Reynolds, Robert Lake, Student exchange program, Excellence in Instruction Award, Scott Beck, Excellence in Service Awards, Yasr Bodur, Julie Garlen Maudlin, Award for Merit, Mary Egger, Outstanding Advocate for First-Year Students Award, Chris Thompson, Betty-Ware Wray Award, Earnestine Burns, Jack Miller Awards, Greg Chamblee, John Suddath Hall, Jane Crawford, College of Education Alumna of the Year, Martha Cain, Special education teachers, Sheila Garvin Hoynes, Spence Hoynes, College of Education scholarship recipients, Art Extravaganza, Senator Jack Hill, Teacher quality grants, Student teacher orientation, Poverty simulation, Southern Adventures challenge course


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