Meeting Date: May 29, 2020
Meeting Location: Student Union, Armstrong Campus, Georgia Southern University, Savannah, GA
Proposal Deadline: Friday, April 3rd
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 15th

DC SEUG 2020 Is Going Online!

Out of abundance of caution, the face-to-face meeting of the Digital Commons Southeastern User Group (DC SEUG 2020) scheduled for Friday, May 29th, 2020, has been canceled. Instead, we will be meeting virtually via Zoom!

Our current meeting date (May 29th) will remain the same, as will our registration and proposal submission deadlines.

Attendance is free to all registrants. Please register to ensure that you receive all updates, including the final schedule and links to the May 29th meeting.

Register here to attend. For more information, see the Meeting Website.

Submit Proposal

  1. Click Submit Proposal.
  2. Log into or create your personal Digital Commons Account.
  3. Fill in the proposal form and click Submit.

Presenters are encouraged to archive their presentation materials in Digital Commons as a part of the Meeting Archive. Presentation materials for the current meeting may be sent for upload at any time. For the benefit of attendees, consider sending presentation materials in advance of the meeting.

Submit your materials by email to to be posted within three business days.

E-mail Presentation Materials

Why Submit Your Presentation? More exposure for your work! Presentations are searchable through Google, and you will receive reports showing how many people have downloaded your presentation. You can also apply a Creative Commons License to your presentation, which controls how people can use your presentation materials.

What can you upload? PowerPoint Slides, papers, handouts, video, audio, and any other documents you used during your presentation.

Need Help? Email for help submitting proposals and presentations or for questions about the conference (e.g., registration).

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