A Dialogue Between Marx and Freire

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Contribution to Book

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Paulo Freire’s Intellectual Roots: Toward Historicity in Praxis




Georgia Southern University faculty member Robert L. Lake co-authored "A Dialogue Between Marx and Freire" alongside non-faculty member Tricia M. Kress in Paulo Freire's Intellectual Roots: Toward Historicity in Praxis.

Book Summary: Paulo Freire's critical pedagogy has had a profound influence on contemporary progressive educators around the globe as they endeavor to rethink education for liberation and the creation of more humane global society. For Freire, maintaining a sense of historicity, that is, the origins from which our thinking and practice emerges, is essential to understanding and practicing education as a means for liberation. Too often, however, critical pedagogy is presented as a monolithic philosophy, and the historical and intellectual roots of critical pedagogy are submerged. Through a compilation of essays written by leading and emerging scholars of critical pedagogy, this text brings history into the present and keeps Paulo's intellectual roots alive in all of us as we develop our praxis today.