Wild Honey: Toward a Curriculum of Be(e)comings

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Expanding Curriculum Theory: Dis/Positions and Lines of Flight




This chapter presents two seemingly disparate topics: school reform and beekeeping. It seeks out rhizomatic connections between two seemingly unlike things, they aim to surface subterranean patterns of Western thinking that underpin 'common-sense' conceptions about curriculum in US public schools. They are inspired by postformalism as described by Thomas and Kincheloe and the poststructuralism of Deleuze and Guattari. The chapter compares seemingly unlike things, following impulses sparked by divergent thinking, and seeking out new ways of knowing, new 'lines of flight', in anticipation that by identifying and troubling epistemological and ontological boundaries of Western thought. Like bees themselves, in this piece, using Deleuze and Guattari's rhizomatics as inspiration, they seek out sources of sustenance and building materials to shift the conversation toward what they are calling here 'wild honey' or a 'curriculum of beecomings'. In order to blur the Cartesian boundaries of knower and known, and provide justification for connecting curriculum to the lived lives of students and teachers.