Visual methods and representations in mixed methods (and) social network research: A discussion

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Mixed methods social network analysis: Theories and methodologies in learning and education






Mixed methods and social network research both rely upon visual methods and visual representations throughout the research process. The purpose of this chapter is to advocate for purposeful attention to be drawn to the ways in which scholars who implement mixed methods social network research (MMSNR) approaches through the use visual methods and visual representations. We define visual methods and visual representations as interconnected but separate approaches to visuals in the research process. We also briefly describe how mixed methods and social network approaches can be combined in MMSNR. We then present a framework for considering how to intentionally engage with visuals using the discussions from Chapters 2 through 4 and examples from other chapters in this volume. We discuss the use of visuals related to four points of interface in the MMSNR process: design, levels of analysis, data collection, and data integration.


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