An Integrative STEM NIH Grant: Designing Equitable Curriculum to Collaborate with Undergraduate Science Majors and Spark Connections

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English Leadership Quarterly




How can curriculum be reimagined to meet the needs of students whose primary interests lie outside the ELA classroom? This discussion of STEAM and its literacy components explores one such possibility.

As a component of a five-year NIH grant focusing on developing close reading and critical thinking skills for cohorts of seven freshmen at an HBCU at Savannah State University, the ADISRE program used a series of workshops on close reading of science-based articles from a range of sources to encourage setting a purpose during student reading tasks. Articles that cultivate a sense of personal and cultural heritage also were included in these close reading exercises. Regular practice with complex texts enabled students to become critical readers as they built their knowledge through evidence that they gathered from narrative, informational, and other text types. By providing university students who are in the early stages of their degree program with this curricular experience, these workshops have accomplished ADISRE’s strategic goals of providing transformative student learning experiences and increasing student retention.

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