Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era


Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era


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Georgia Southern University faculty members Marla B. Morris and John A. Weaver co-edited Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era.

Book Summary: Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era attempts a difficult cross-cultural discussion. These scholars agree that the Holocaust is not just in the past – it is with us in memory. Professors and students alike – whether European, American, or Canadian, or whether Holocaust survivors – second or third generation Jews «after» the event are affected/effected by this haunting memory. Here scholars attempt to grapple with trauma, horror, anti-Semitism, hatred, murder, guilt, mourning, and anger – all the unthinkable subject matters that are usually squashed out of our curricula. The authors explore Holocaust issues via fiction, philosophy, science education, historiography, psychoanalysis, and autobiography as they relate to the curriculum studies. These scholars discuss the importance of keeping the Holocaust present in memory by making it a difficult subject matter which needs to be integrated into the curriculum especially as we enter the twenty-first century when many Holocaust survivors will die. This is our duty and our call – our responsibility as educators.

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New York, NY

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Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era
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