Philip Morris International: Ethical decisions the tobacco company has made in the U.S.A and overseas

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Dr. Jennifer Kowalewski, Communication Arts


Cigarette use is a problem across nations not only costly for the governments but also life threatening for the users. Someone, anywhere around the world, is lighting up a cigarette to start their day. Someone, anywhere around the world, is trying a cigarette for the first time. Tobacco companies have done a good job in getting their products purchased by developed country markets and international markets. But also, tobacco companies are dealing with the decline of cigarette users in the U.S.A., the electric cigarettes have become a trend now and have received popularity, more so with the youth, as well as profited the tobacco companies. For the research of this paper six different participants with different cigarette and electric cigarette knowledge, habit, and backgrounds were interviewed to give their insights on cigarette use and its advertisements as well as their electric cigarette thoughts. The point of this paper is to find out what advertising strategies is Phillip Morris International using in the U.S. and overseas for their cigarettes, what has been advertised in the past, what the rules and regulations are now in the U.S and overseas for cigarettes and electric cigarettes, responsibilities between the tobacco companies and the parent’s, and the e-cigarette trend.

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