Co-worker Relations: A Branch Off of the Social Penetration Theory

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Karla Jennings


This proposal aims to elaborate on the social penetration theory, specifically, in relation to co-worker interactions and how they coincide. In order to do so, ethnographical experiences and a multitude of research articles were analyzed. There are, however, no current studies that exemplify similarities between the pattern of the Social Penetration Theory(SPT) as applied to a workplace setting. By analyzing past research, delving into the Social Penetration Theory, and proposing different ways to approach research, I believe that this demonstration can help understand and explain the fast pace in which co-workers divulge personal information to one another. This pitch of this research has brought to light the fact that more could be done to understand why co-workers have their own category of relationship. They may not be considered “close,” yet most co-worker relationships penetrate deeper cores of one’s personality structure. Though it may seem mundane, every adult, at some point in their lives, will have to hold a job and interact with co-workers. The hope, is that this proposal will open the avenue to make people aware of the information they share by considering both qualitative and quantitave data.

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