Nostalgia's Presence in Today's Art Field

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Kasie Alt


Nostalgia is frequently looked at with disdain in the modern art world. Often thought of as an intellectual and visual crutch. However, using past cultural trends one can reference a common ground on which the masses will relate to or recognize. Bringing these familiar views in a different setting adds a new layer to the meaning of one’s artwork when done properly. Nostalgia is based on one’s identity, and trying to grasp the constantly changing self and world. Art is a way to stabilize one’s self and archive one’s own changes, as well as the world’s, in a reflective manner. When nostalgic based works are done more on the concept of commentary and contemplation, rather than just purely visual, it brings a depth to a piece of work that would be unable to be done otherwise. Through my presentation, I will be discussing artworks that are based heavily in nostalgia and how this perspective adds to the art world in the twenty-first century.

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