Record Labels vs. Artists: The Ethics Behind the Business

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Jennifer Kowalewski


Record labels are mistreating artist’s everyday when they offer these young artists recording contracts. Both offer needs to the other and are viewed as a symbiotic relationship. This research paper included five interviews on people who had different types of professions and had an expertise in the field. The different professions are a financial teacher, a multi media professor, a student who works for the radio station, a music artist, and a teacher who teaches a song writing class. These subjects were chosen because each of them has an interest in the music industry. The goal of the study was to explore the ethics of a record label taking money from the artist. When researching the relationship between the record label and the artist, the ethics can be found through all the changes that have happened in the music industry. During the study I found that the handling of young artists signing recording contracts was a more important ethical issue.

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