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To Nature's Teachings: Understanding Death through Space

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The painting is of a skeleton having decayed in a field, but the image is not to be dark in tone as there is plenty of natural life that has grown from the body. There will be bright green grass and colorful crocheted flowers and vines to contrast the black and white skeleton. The skeleton will exist in the two-dimensional plane as it exists in the past as a snapshot in history, while the three-dimensional flowers represent moving beyond the death of a friend and living in the present. My paintings explore the physicality of paintings as objects. I am influenced by the practices of painting, crocheting, and attaching things to paintings. The paintings are formed into a triptych to accentuate the canvases as object while the painting itself acts as a window in which the viewer sees the image. I am interested in making crochet pieces that reflect the realism of the painted image but that maintain the crocheted aesthetic to stand as a craft within art. The relationship between paint on canvas and three dimensional objects attached to the canvas is an exploration of the z-axis of a painting further than the thickness of the canvas itself. These paintings depict death and the growth that come from its happening. I pull influence from Ana Mendieta's photography dealing with the human form and its relationship with nature and Jo Hamilton's realistic crochet paintings.

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To Nature's Teachings: Understanding Death through Space