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The Movement of Dance

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These series of paintings displays a way skeletons can be shown and not just associated with death but in a fun and whimsical way shown through dance. I am making are about full body portraits of skeletons that are in costumes while in dancing poses. This is similar to the pictures in dance institution of the dancer. The influence comes from my own childhood with dancing is shared by using the colors of the costumes as very bright colors. The usage of the skeletons is the purest form of the body which can represent anyone and can feel more related towards the work. I like to play with the anatomy of the still figure and use movement in the figure much like Cezanne’s paintings were with color movement. Degas is another influence for my series because he works with dancers and their environment they’re in. The brush strokes of Cezanne and colors he used will he bought in through my background and figure with neutrals will balance out the costumes.The colors of the background is supposed to show movement more than the skeletons itself but isn’t the most important movement of the painting. The costumes that are vibrant also shows movement happening as well. The different dances I will be showing in the series is ballet, tap and jazz. The dances poses that are picked resonances with me because those were the very first dance styles I’ve learned. Conclusion: The body of work focuses on movement of the form and background. With the background the form compliment each other to show a tonality through action.

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The Movement of Dance