The Ideal Problem Solver

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Provocative, challenging, and fun, The Ideal Problem Solver offers a sound, methodical approach for resolving problems based on the IDEAL (Identify, Define, Explore, Act, Look) model. The authors suggest new strategies for enhancing creativity, improving memory, criticizing ideas and generating alternatives, and communicating more effectively with a wider range of people. Using the results of laboratory research previously available only in a piece-meal fashion or in scientific journals, Bransford and Stein discuss such issues as Teaming new information, overcoming blocks to creativity, and viewing problems from a variety of perspectives. The Second Edition features: A new organization that focuses, in Part I, on the effective utilization of current knowledge and, in Part 11, on the explanation and use of the Ideal model. A refined problem solving model that is easier to understand and apply. A new chapter that explores strategies for improving how schools and organizations can prepare people to think and solve problems. New illustrative examples and exercises that encourage students to develop effective strategies for solving problems.

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