Teaching and Learning Creatively: Inspirations and Reflections

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TEACHING AND LEARNING CREATIVELY: INSPIRATIONS AND REFLECTIONS offers a glimpse into a Clemson University project that fostered poetry writing in courses across the curriculum and grew to include visual and other kinds of creative responses. TEACHING AND LEARNING CREATIVELY offers poetry and images composed by students in a variety of disciplines, together with teachers' reflections on their students' achievements. These assignments shift the usual dynamics of teaching and learning, allowing students to teach teachers as well as each other, as they search for new forms of creative expression. Such collaboration shows that communication across the curriculum refers not only to the need for writing and creativity in all courses in college, but also to the expanded forms of communication and new ways of making discoveries that grow from experimental, and even playful, pedagogy. TEACHING AND LEARNING CREATIVELY will inspire teachers to experiment in their own classrooms, to find new ways of listening to their students. All the editors are at Clemson University and have been with the project since its inception in 2000. PATRICIA A. CONNOR-GREENE teaches courses in abnormal psychology, madness, and culture. CATHERINE MOBLEY teaches courses in introductory sociology, policy and social change, field placement, and evaluation research. CATHERINE PAUL teaches humanities and English courses in modern fiction and poetry, as well as the place of museums in modern culture. JERRY WALDVOGEL teaches courses in general biology, evolution and creationism, ecology and behavior. LIZ WRIGHT is a Master of Arts in Professional Communication student and graduate research assistant to the Robert S. Campbell Chair in Technical Communication. ART YOUNG teaches English courses in advanced writing and 19th-century British literature.

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