Portfolio and Performance Assessment in Teacher Education

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Portfolios are becoming the standard for performance assessment for teachers. Teacher educators will find this book indispensable as they establish within their teacher education programs performance-based assessment systems that utilize portfolios. There are four elements critical to portfolio and performance assessment: 1. Establishing and communicating program parameters in the form of a philosophy, adopted standards, and portfolio requirements; 2. Maintaining quality in both learning and documentation of learning through performance assessments and portfolio rubrics; 3. Supporting and enabling students in their professional and portfolio development, and 4. Developing a cohesive and comprehensive plan for program evaluation and continuous improvement. The manual includes an actual model of how the four elements are being addressed in a teacher education department. A study of this model will help identify decision points, inevitable challenges, and alternative strategies to help construct a new, individual model. Appendices include: Artifacts Checklist, Artifacts Possibilities, Rubrics to Use in a Portfolio Checkpoint System, and Self-Assessment Sorting Exercise for Determining Values in Teaching. For teachers and teacher educators.

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