Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses


L. Dee Fink

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Dee Fink poses a fundamental question for all teachers: "How can I create courses that will provide significant learning experiences for my students?" In the process of addressing this question, he urges teachers to shift from a content-centered approach to a learning-centered approach that asks" What kinds of learning will be significant for students, and how can I create a course that will result I that kind of learning?"

Fink provides several conceptual and procedural tools that will be invaluable for all teachers when designing instruction. He takes important existing ideas in the literature on college teaching (active learning, educative assessment), adds some new ideas (a taxonomy of significant learning, the concept of a teaching strategy), and shows how to systematically combine these in a way that results in powerful learning experiences for students. Acquiring a deeper understanding of the design process will empower teachers to creatively design courses for significant learning in a variety of situations.

Creating Significant Learning Experiences also offers valuable recommendations on what various organizations in higher educations can do to more effectively support better teaching. Based on the six key needs of faculty interested in changing the way they teach, Fink identifies several specific actions for decision makers in colleges and universities, accrediting agencies, funding agencies, journals on teaching , and disciplinary associations.

This book presents an exciting vision of what higher education might be, accompanied by practical advice on how to make that vision a reality.

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