The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of Teaching by Exploring the Biology of Learning


James E. Zull

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“Engaging and logically organized…Readers will feel encouraged and eager to integrate the concepts into their own philosophy of teaching and learning."?Effective Teaching

"The book is not merely an explication but a thoughtfully crafted, neuroscientfically informed teaching device that obeys the advice offered."?American Journal of Psychology

"James Zull's crystal-clear mapping of how learning occurs, how learning changes the brain, and how many parts of the brain are activated as one learns should be interesting for all who teach. Zull relays a teaching approach and the neuroscience behind that approach that can dramatically affect learning."?Nursing Education Perspectives

"This is the best book I have read about the brain and learning. Zull perspective forms the foundation for a teaching approach that can dramatically improve human learning."?David A. Kolb, Dept. of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

James Zull invites teachers in higher education or any other setting to accompany him in his exploration of what scientists can tell us about the brain and to discover how this knowledge can influence the practice of teaching. He describes the brain in clear non-technical language and an engaging conversational tone, highlighting its functions and parts and how they interact, and always relating them to the real world of the classroom and his own evolution as a teacher.

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