Designing World-Class e-Learning: How IBM, GE, Harvard Business School, and Columbia University are Succeeding at e-Learning

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The majority of corporate training programs are weak, ineffective, costly, and inconvenient for the time-pressed employees they are supposed to train. Designing World-Class e-Learning explores on-line learning­­--today's hottest business training topic­­--and explains the "learning-by-doing" approach that the author and his firm have used to develop effective on-line courses for Harvard Business School, IBM, GE, Columbia University, and other world-leading organizations.

Roger Schank, a leading E-learning guru and innovator, demonstrates steps and strategies proven to excite employees, make them want to learn, and decrease training costs while increasing productivity. Schank's approach to E-learning involves:

  • e-Learning by doing
  • Encouraging learners to fail--­­and learn from failure
  • Just-in-time storytelling from experts
  • Powerful emotional impact

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