Engaging the Online Learner: Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction

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Engaging the Online Learner

This updated edition includes an innovative framework the Phases of Engagement that helps learners become more involved as knowledge generators and cofacilitators of a course. The book also provides specific ideas for tested activities (collected from experienced online instructors across the nation) that can go a long way to improving online learning. Engaging the Online Learner offers the tools and information needed to: *

Convert classroom activities to an online environment *

Assess the learning that occurs as a result of collaborative activities *

Phase in activities that promote engagement among online learners *

Build peer interaction through peer partnerships and team activities *

Create authentic activities and implement games and simulations

Praise for Engaging the Online Learner

"The Phases of Engagement framework provides a road map for creating community at each phase of an online course. This book is an invaluable guide to innovative practices for online learning." Judith V. Boettcher, coauthor of The Online Teaching Survival Guide

"Engagement is the heart of online learning. The authors have developed an encyclopedia of tried-and-true learner engagement activities that are authentic and ready to use." Donald P. Ely, professor emeritus, instructional design, development and evaluation in the School of Education, Syracuse University

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