Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Volume 7, Number 2

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A Message from the Editors - Laurie Richlin & Milton D. Cox

Promoting Student Learning Through Questioning: A Study of Classroom Questions - Sandra Edwards & Mary Ann Bowman

From Student Narratives to Case Studies: Diversity from the Bottom Up - Diane Gillespie, Jeannette Seaberry, & Joseph Valades

Relational Pedagogy: Investigating Together in a Project Discovery Mathematics Course - Marcia B. Baxter Magolda & Jennifer Buckley

Energizing the Introduction to Education Classroom Through Experiential Learning - Kathleen Montgomery, Cathleen Deery, & Susan Brown

Students' Perceptions of Excellent Lecturers and Discussion Leaders - Gary S. Goldstein & Victor A. Benassi

Teaching Strategies for a Barrier-Free Classroom - Rachelle Waksler

Breathing the Words: What Students Have Taught Me - Susan Streeter Carpenter

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