Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Volume 7, Number 1

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A Union of Collaborative Learning and Cooperative Learning: An Overview of this Issue - Philip G. Cottell, Jr.

Lead Management as an Instructional Tool in the College Classroom - Carol S. Browne

Using Reflection in Cooperative Learning Groups to Integrate Theory and Practice - Brenda S. Gardner & Sharon J. Korth

"Gotcha!" or Rubrics? Instruction and Assessment of Graduate Students - Judith A. Kerrins & Katherine S. Cushing

A Classroom Strategy for Teaching Economics in a Multidisciplinary Context - Linda M. Manning

Do Writing Groups Nurture Authentic Voice? - Jane Marcellus

Fostering Moral Conversations in the College Classroom - Robert J. Nash

Teaching Peach Through Structured Controversy - Barbara L. Watters

Cooperative Learning in Microbiology Laboratory - Charlotte Rappe Zales & Joseph C. Colosi

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